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Driven by our motto “right by you” and the desire to help our partners, IMS is a service organization with a passion for fixing technology issues.

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Support Services

How can we be of service?

Our partners want to maximize their employee productivity and provide IT assets/investments that function every time they are needed.

IMS provides a variety of support services that allow your employees to focus on mission-critical tasks using technology with the greatest availability and resilience.


If you need help managing your servers and network, we can do that.


If you need someone to tackle your employees’ helpdesk needs, we can do that.


If you need a team to handle escalating or complex technical issues, we can do that.


If your IT team is looking for a comprehensive IT management toolset, we can do that.


And if your team isn’t familiar with cloud migrations, cloud-based workloads, or simply needs to focus on growth-related elements, we have you covered.

Your One-Stop-Shop

IMS can be your IT, supplement your IT, and even work desk-to-desk with your employees as needed. We utilize cutting-edge cloud-based monitoring and management to reduce response and resolution times. We drive solutions to completion and constantly improve our performance through open feedback loops.

Examples of how we can help:

Managed network and infrastructure services

Support desk (helpdesk)

Collaborative IT

IT augmentation

Technology consultation and strategy

Comprehensive asset monitoring, management, and security toolsets

If you need help, IMS is here to serve. Schedule a 1:1 with our team today to learn how our dedicated approach to partnership can help your organization work better, save time, and continue to thrive.

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Its time to get serious about your business' IT!

Reduce Costs, prepare for the future and stop worrying.

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