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IMS is on a mission to help our partners achieve their business goals by providing the right people, services, and technology.

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About Us

Created from collaboration

IMS was created when three leading managed services providers joined forces to forge smarter solutions for the SMB/E market. Consolidated and optimized, IMS leverages digital transformation to achieve their partners’ business goals.

Operating out of four geographies (the Carolinas; Cincinnati, OH; the Florida Panhandle; and Birmingham, AL), IMS provides robust technology services across the country. We proudly partner with businesses of all sizes that seek to gain strategic advantages by deploying the right technology solutions.

Delivering a competitive advantage

At its heart, IMS is a technology services and consulting company that helps businesses achieve their goals. We do this by identifying and deploying the technologies that focus, improve, and optimize outcomes – wrapping it with layers of security and business continuity at a price-point that fits your budget.

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Smiling loan manager meeting with client at laptop in bank branch

A clear vision for the future

Growth-oriented and agile, IMS continues to evolve as a technology company focused on providing consulting, engineering, and support for scalable cloud-based services. Our partners recognize benefits of being in the cloud and capitalize on it’s accessibility, optimization, scalability, and security.

As more and more SMB/Es move workloads into the cloud, it has become increasingly imperative to secure the pathway employees navigate to access those workloads. An essential partner across every step of the process, IMS engineers and supports everything from the end-user, the connected networks, through the workloads—regardless of location.

At IMS, we see cloud enablement as a large area of expansion. As the cloud gains more adoption, software vendors will move in greater numbers to provide SaaS solutions. IMS embraces and promotes this type of movement as it encourages and supports more stable and available platforms for our customers. Knowing that up-market transitions like this continue to happen, IMS continues to adapt, learning how to better leverage and support these models to best support our mission: helping our partners achieve their goals.

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