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Whether you’ve been affected by the pandemic or are simply providing a more flexible work environment for your employees, providing secure, remote access to your data and applications is a problem businesses are facing with growing importance and frequency.


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Cloud Services

The Benefits of supporting a remote workforce.


Employees can create work product anywhere (at any time if you allow it)


Competitive human resources benefit


Cloud-based workflows remove bottlenecks based on single location service


Near infinite scalability if using cloud-based solutions

Dismantling some misconceptions of a remote workforce:


Done properly, businesses maintain fidelity of their corporate data


Security in cloud-based remote workforce is greater than that of on-premise


Microsoft provides a variety of affordable, pay-as-you-go models to satisfy business goals and needs

A comprehensive approach

Finding the right solution calls for more than searching for Software-as-a-Service solutions for core applications. It involves taking a critical look at all the workloads your company manages, and determining how they interact with systems, data, and employees.

To make an intelligent and informed decision, ask:

How do employees currently access business-related applications and data?
Are there workflows triggered by employees and applications that are interdependent?
What risk(s) are introduced by making the workloads available outside of the existing processes?
From where will my employees be able to access these workloads (home, anywhere)?
What is an appropriate level of security to deploy against the users, the devices, the applications, and the networks?
IMS helps businesses cover these questions and more. We recognize the importance of smooth and efficient workflows that allow your business to optimize performance and continue to grow—and a seamless transition process is even more important.
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Wireless work makes effortless work

Swifter, smarter strategies

Having navigated hundreds of workflow migrations, our team leverages in-depth experience recognizing critical constraints and dependencies to deploy fast, secure remote access solutions no matter your business’ size.


Typical factors for an effective remote workforce:

Cloud-based workflows, servers, and/or virtual desktops
Secure managed network
Identity and access management (conditional access)
Device management (cloud-based/centralized)
Appropriate company policy distribution

IMS helps you choose which solutions are right for your remote workforce:

Physical RDS environment on-premise
Virtualize RDS in private cloud
Azure Virtual Desktop – desktop service via cloud-infrastructure
Windows 365 – individual desktop deployment with variable resource capabilities
If you need help with any or all of these elements, IMS is ready to walk you through it. Contact us now for a quick, friendly consultation.

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