IMS launches managed Wi-Fi service for MDU space

Jan 18, 2022

IMS’ service for multi-dwelling/family apartments and condominiums centralizes acquisition, distribution, and management of all owners, guests, and tenants wireless internet connectivity. Wi-Fi is an integral feature for apartment complexes, condominiums, and other multiple-dwelling units, including RV parks and marinas.

Wi-Fi connectivity is not only commonplace; it is an expectation or a requirement.

How it works and what to expect

1. IMS performs an initial assessment of the current infrastructure and asses the need for any upgrades or augmentations of the existing low voltage plant.

Our team will manage every element of your network installation from design to engineering to configuration. Using a managed Wi-Fi service provider has the added benefit of being able to coordinate the network’s design and access point installation to make optimal use of limited space, capacity, and wireless spectrum. Our approach allows everyone at the property the ability to enjoy secure, high-speed, property-wide Wi-Fi.

2. Service options are aligned with challenges, goals, and needs.

Circuit speeds start at 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps and extend up to 1 Gbps, 5 Gbps, or 10 Gbps. IMS prefers the future-proof ‘fiber to the unit’ solution, but can customize delivery based on overall needs and availability. Service isn’t just the speed of the internet, but also how efficiently it is shared. A property cannot afford to offer services that create frustration for their owners, guests, and staff; which is what often happens when a Wi-Fi network becomes overloaded. IMS uses bandwidth management solutions to allocate and prioritize bandwidth, which reduces and eliminates bottlenecks and overloads.

3. One of two defined architectures is aligned based on needs and budget.

IMS deploys and manages all elements of the infrastructure including internet connections, wiring (low/high voltage wiring may get outsources), and hardware. As a Board Member, CAM, or Property Manager, you are responsible for securing a Wi-Fi and internet provider that delivers (on time) a state-of-the-art network that is secure and supports expectations of owners, guests, tenants, and end users. As the number of Wi-Fi enabled household appliances and devices continues to grow; as more people work remotely from their living space; having a fast and secure wireless connection has evolved from an amenity to a valuable necessity or commodity.

The goal of the IMS MDU Service is to be a one-stop shop for your tenants’ internet needs.

IMS provides trusted architecture, internet circuits, and the expertise to deploy and manage all elements of the Wi-Fi service. 24×7 customer phone support is available for owners, guests, or tenants. If anyone has an issue, they can reach-out to our US-based customer support team for immediate assistance. If issues cannot be resolved remotely, we will come onsite to make an accurate diagnosis or provide a more complex solution.

Over time, units change ownership and we help make that transition easier. You won’t have to pitch services or onboard new customers, IMS can do that for you. We offer a variety of marketing materials, we can de/activate services in-person, online, or over the phone. Further, Wi-Fi routers, switches, and access points need to be upgraded. Whether its software upgrades or equipment replacements, our team works behind the scenes, at night, and during the early morning to make sure your users experience minimal, if any, network interruption or downtime.

MDU Architectures

Providing seamless internet services to a large quantity of residents requires extensive networking experience and an enterprise-grade infrastructure. It also requires your provider to anticipate the fact that some units have unique equipment types and configurations that require exceptions and accommodations during deployment. IMS leverages virtual local area networks (VLANs, assigned to every device connecting to the managed Wi-Fi system) to isolate a tenants’ network traffic from communicating with other tenants’ devices/communications on the network. For owners who have multiple smart devices, like wireless printers, hard drives and lighting systems that communicate with one another, such devices can occupy a shared VLAN, so that they can communicate with one another but not with unauthorized devices belonging to other tenants.

As a technology firm, IMS employs dozens of network engineers and leverages that knowledge to design and deploy resilient networks that can provide internet to thousands of people.

IMS provides two types of architecture to better accommodate the needs and requirements of the community. Both solutions are robust networks boasting business-class services and Wi-Fi 6 technology for the best results in wireless connectivity.

1. Market Enhanced MDU Service

When you need top-of-the-line services and quality with use-tracking and marketing metrics, the Market Enhanced Service provides multi-gig circuits, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and seamless, blanketed wireless across the entire campus through a tenant private key. Aside from best-in-class wireless service, this solution allows tenants or rentals to can scan a QR code and maintain network connectivity to their private network anywhere the wireless service is served (condo, common space, the pool, and the beach).

Benefits of Market Enhanced services:

  • Enterprise-quality network with Wi-Fi 6
  • Shared private key – persistent private network across entire campus/premise for individuals
  • Reporting with dashboard for use, trends, etc.
  • Additional insights on resident/tenant use for marketing purposes, resale, etc.

2. Premium MDU Service

The IMS Premium MDU Service provides wireless internet connectivity to all designated areas via two dedicated networks: Owner and Guest. As you determine your needs, this solution is great for a community that wants reliable internet but doesn’t require customized, daily reporting and other marketing-rich features.

Benefits of the Premium MDU Service:

  • Business-class network with Wi-Fi 6
  • Private (management) and Guest (tenants) wireless network access to all covered areas
  • Monthly reporting on use and trends


If you have questions about the managed internet or wireless services, please contact Don Carter at

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