Satya Nadella gives props to IMS for Windows 365 deployment

Jul 19, 2022

There are certain accomplishments in a [technology] business that aren’t instigated by sales figures, distribution, saturation, or a slew of other qualifiers. When the CEO of global leading technology company gives you praise in-front of tens of thousands of attendees, there is a special feeling shared within the organization and the folks that helped make that happen.

During the keynote address of Microsoft Inspire, Satya Nadella recognized the work efforts of both IMS and ScanSource in helping migrate a customer from physical desktops to 100% deployment of Windows 365 virtual desktop environment. Windows 365 is a new product to Microsoft and they were looking for good use cases to share with the public. Having been intricately involved in some of the earlies deployments, IMS and ScanSource received some well appreciated recognition.

You can watch Satya’s keynote here. If you were to jump to the 28th minute, you can share in our glee.

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