Security & Continuity provides you with the protection you need.

A proper security deployment protects your business data, your users, and your devices from a myriad of attack vectors. As we navigate our partnership, IMS helps you clarify your needs and propose the right level of continuity and security. The result is the protection you need without breaking the bank.

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Security & Continuity

Data Protection

IMS engages various solutions related to backup and disaster recovery which include flexible retention periods, compliance and restoration objectives, and off-site storage. We can protect desktops and servers – on premise or in the cloud. Our solutions also backup your Microsoft 365 email, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams data.

Security & Continuity

User Protection

IMS places great emphasis on protecting your users; unfortunately, people are the weakest link in any company environment. We help (and train) users to stay safe, enforce password best practices, and prefer multi-factor authentication—all to make it tough on malicious players.

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Security & Continuity

Device Protection

We help setup, manage, and secure your business devices to keep them safe from bad actors. IMS layers a combination of cloud and localized monitoring, management, and detection to provide the right level of security across all your devices.

Security & Continuity

Dark Web Monitoring

IMS keeps a look out for any suspicious activity on the dark web and provides reports if someone is targeting your business or employees. Dark Web Monitoring gives us an early detection system, alerting us to potentially compromised passwords. If we find anything, we help mitigate the issue and provide suggestions for future improvements.

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Security & Continuity

Security Awareness Training

Every email is subject to spam, [spear] phishing, and a variety of other attacks. IMS shows users different skills from how to keep their data safe to recognizing attach schemes. Our security awareness service also includes optional or mandatory training videos with a learn-at-your-pace schedule.

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