Continuous feedback for continuous improvement

Aug 17, 2022

IMS provides a variety of technology services to over two hundred (at the time of writing) businesses on the eastern sea board. From cloud services, to network-as-a-service, to help desk, and business continuity – we cover a large swath of technology needs for manufacturers, attorneys, accountants, logistics providers, local governments and municipalities, non-profits, and the like. Only one element is consistent throughout every customer we partner with: we want to know how we are doing.

Providing technical support across various platforms and various business verticals isn’t something for the feint-of-heart. As a service provider, we need to solve problems accurately and promptly while our customer is likely navigating a stressful event. IMS works day-in and day-out to continuously improve our responses, knowledge, experience, and expertise. One critical method for our improvements is by getting our customers’ feedback (daily).


Our need for customer feedback goes way beyond businesses boasting a defunct NPS score. We’re not a service organization to garner a marketing score. We want to know how we did and where we can improve. In the end, if our service quality leads to referrals, a couple members on our sales team get all giddy and happy. If your candid response helps us improve service, 35+ employees provide better service and thousands of end-users get better service, leading to even greater amounts of giddy and happy people.


Aside from the soapbox above, we should all recognize the importance of soliciting feedback from customers. We stand to gain valuable insights into customer experiences, knowledge areas of expertise or deficit, and help us understand or reset customer expectations. Our customer feedback as an invaluable source of information, that helps:

  • provide insights into customer experiences
  • tell us what customers think about our products and services
  • tell us what future products and services may be [more] relevant
  • identify areas of improvement and ensure our customer service standards are being met
  • identify customer needs and preferences and use this to develop better products and services

Ultimately, the feedback we receive helps keep IMS competitive in the technology space. By understanding customer needs, preferences, and perspectives, we can align the right products and services that help you accomplish your business goals – which is what the IMS mission is all about. We use the right technology to solve real-world business problems; driving outcomes by stimulating improvements in operations.


Each support ticket that IMS processes has a feedback feature at the bottom of the email. Whether an issue is mid-resolution or after completion, you can let us know how we’re doing – the good, the great, or the ugly. Replying to the email ticket adds those notes and comments into the ticket. All tickets are monitored and responded to by managers and employees. If you have something to add, please do so.

Upon resolution of every ticket, we have a feedback plug-in that further collects comments as well as sentiment about the ticket. This information is reviewed and shared at least three times during the week. First, management and leadership will engage the issue in near-real time if it warrants. This applies to all responses so we can adjust for non-positive feedback, as well as send praise to those employees for their solid responses. Next, during our all-hands, we review key responses that can help the company improve, where we highlight overall sentiment and drive for perfection. Lastly and also weekly, the IMS management team reviews all non-green responses to see if there are trends, deeper issues with accounts or technology, and work to improve our business overall.

To wrap this up, it is critical for IMS to get customer feedback as it drives operational improvement from both sides of our partnerships. Our ticketing system has built-in feedback utilities, and our team members are empowered to improve performance as people, teams, and a business. Please, let us know how we’re doing, how can we improve, and what do you need.

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