What to Look for During Your Search for a Managed Services Provider

Oct 13, 2021

Is your organization outgrowing its in-house IT solution? Whether your business is large or small, your focus should be on your business rather than on the business of IT. If it seems like things are operating the other way around, it’s probably time to start your search for a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Outsourcing to an MSP will ultimately help your business grow and operate at its full potential so it is important that whoever you choose is not just a provider, but your true partner in IT. How do you ensure that you’re making the right choice? Here are some key factors to consider along with your search for an MSP partner.

Professional and Experienced MSP

Start by looking for a reputable company with at least ten years in the business. The provider should be experienced in serving a wide variety of industries. Their staff should consist of certified technicians and engineers who carry out specialized roles – they should not rely on one person to perform every technical task.

Be sure to meet with the provider in person or take a tour of their facilities. How the MSP presents professionally is usually a good indicator of how well they are going to care for your data and systems. You need to ensure you are confident in the MSP’s abilities to handle your needs and support your critical IT infrastructure.

Provider Sized Just Right

As your business grows, so will your IT demands. Your provider must be large enough to handle your needs. A small IT shop is not equipped with the workforce and expertise that a larger MSP can readily provide. By the same token, industry giants won’t be able to provide the attention and care that a local provider can. Look for an MSP that is sized just right – large enough to accommodate your needs, yet small enough that they know your name, your business, and your IT infrastructure inside and out.

Strategic MSP Partner

Remember, your MSP should be your partner – that means from the very beginning of your relationship they are
looking at the big picture. They are thinking about what solution is best for your business, not what’s best for their pockets. They make sure the solution they provide meets your budget, protects your data and complies with any industry standards you must meet, while also factoring in the technical direction you’ll want to go in the future and helping you strategize. They should take a proactive approach, resolving any isolated issues before they become business-impacting problems.

The Breadth of IT Services and Partnerships

What does the provider offer beyond basic Managed Services support? Do they provide backup and storage management or a service desk solution? What about beyond their Managed Services practice? Can the provider help with your data storage and disaster recovery needs as well? As your business grows you may consider moving your in-house IT infrastructure to a colocation or cloud provider. If your MSP has a close partnership with an infrastructure services provider, you’d be able to rely on them to help with this move. Look for a provider who offers a variety of services and has the experience and ability to accommodate all your IT needs.

Always Available Service

IT issues don’t always happen during normal business hours, that’s why when it comes to IT support, it’s critical that your MSP is available 24/7/365. No matter if it’s a weekend, holiday, or 3 am, your provider should be available to provide support should an issue arise. You will rest easier knowing someone is always there monitoring your critical devices and ready to respond to any issues.

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